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Clockwise Digital Solutions

It's not just about the numbers, we know what your company needs. 

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About Us


At Clockwise Digital Solutions, we're passionate about equipping our clients with leading-edge digital insights and ensuring the smooth adoption of innovative and modern strategies. Positioned at the vanguard of digital innovation, we craft future-focused strategies that deliver tangible, immediate outcomes, all grounded in our commitment to sustainability, equity, and inclusion. We recognize the challenges posed by an ever-evolving digital world, and we're here to empower your business to thrive in it, transforming complexity into opportunity. 


Clockwise is dedicated to collaborating closely with your current team, seamlessly integrating with existing employees and professionals to refine and advance your infrastructure, such as website content and marketing strategies. By focusing on optimizing what you already have, we aim to empower our clients to reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness without the necessity for substantial investments in new technologies. This approach ensures a cost-effective enhancement of your capabilities, leveraging existing resources to deliver superior results.


Our team is a dynamic assembly of technology virtuosos who have grown up amidst the rapid evolution of tech, we possess an innate understanding of its power and potential. With this deep-rooted knowledge, we excel at harnessing technology in innovative and strategic ways, ensuring our clients not only keep pace with digital trends but stay several steps ahead. This unique blend of experience and insight enables us to transform technological capabilities into competitive advantages for our clients, driving their success in the digital landscape.


Our team is composed of individuals who are not only technically proficient but also possess deep expertise in web design and a keen marketing acumen. Equipped to repair, update, or construct visually appealing and highly functional websites, our team can also create and effectively utilize new marketing materials, as well as manage social media platforms to spark interest in your business. This comprehensive support is delivered with minimal need for oversight from your current staff or leadership, freeing our clients to concentrate on the essential day-to-day operations of your business. By handling these aspects, we ensure that our clients can maintain their focus where it's needed most.



"Ray and his team were a great resource in helping my business sell our product online and reach an international clientele"

Susan Lelyveld, Owner, Time Techno Inc.

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